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Everything You Need To Know About PR

Everything You Need To Know About PR

Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Residency

Want to be the Permanent Resident of your favorite country? Looking forward to enjoying the rest of your life in your dream land? Oh, but don’t know how? Worry not, here’s Touchstone at your rescue! Read along to figure out anything and everything you need to know before applying for the same with us.

Let us begin by understanding ‘What is Permanent Residency’?

Permanent Residency is a legal residency status in a country of which the person is not a native citizen by birth, but reserves the right to reside on a permanent basis. The status also grants work permit in most cases. Anyone who is granted permanent residency in a country is issued documentary evidence as legal proof of their status.

Once you acquire the status of ‘Permanent Resident’ of a particular country, you are now authorized to live, work or study on a permanent basis in the country. You can roam freely and enjoy in the fresh air without the fear of being deported.

Now the question arises as to how Touchstone eases the process of application.

But first, what is Touchstone?
Touchstone is the Number 1 IELTS Training Institute as recognized by IDP for 9 consecutive years. We have happily been in service since past 20 years and boast of upping the love and faith of each student. Our wide variety of courses is especially designed for aspiring individuals.

Touchstone also extends its services by helping you apply for your Permanent Residency and Visa in the desired country. Just send us your essential documents… and you are done. Now you can sit back home and relax while tracking your application status.

Our Easy & Trouble Free
filing process is accessible for all!

Time to address the concern related to documents!

Relax, it is not an extended list. All we need is very basic, including a proof of your 10th, 12th and any other degree you’ve acquired during this time, alongside Adhaar Card, Pan Card, Passport and processing & filing fees. Besides, you can produce your work experience letter (if any) for further evaluation.

Alongside essential documents, individual’s family ties with people abroad, qualifications, family profile, age, etc. are also taken into account to access their ability to contribute and integrate in the foreign society.

Processing Time

All the applications are carefully considered and reviewed by ICA. The selection and approval of the application depends on your language test scores. On an average, the applications take around four to six months to process, provided each required document is submitted and true to the best of knowledge. Depending on the programs you apply for and their complexities, some applications might require a little longer processing time. Although the outcome will be informed via mail (or call), you can still check the status online.

While your current application is in process, new or repeated applications are not entertained.

All things said and done, being the Permanent Resident of your favorite country is no longer a distant dream with Touchstone. We are here to fulfil your aspirations.

Still in doubt?

No issues, get in touch with us and we will attend to any and every doubt you have.


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