Benefits of Good Spoken English

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Benefits of good Spoken English Touchstone Educationals

Benefits of Good Spoken English

Importance of English language

English is one of the most popular and most spoken Languages in the world. The number of people who learn English for a good future is increasing constantly around the world. In a country like India, where people are known for their good I.T. skills, medical expertise, knowledge of science and technology in ability to speak good English often becomes a barrier in success. English is also known as the Lingua Franca which means the language that enables people from different countries, regions and cultures to communicate effectively without any language barrier. People from a lot of countries do not understand each other’s native language that is why we need to be proficient in communicating in a common language which is spoken across the world. The native language of most of the developed countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England and U.S.A. is English.  If foreign nationals want to pursue their studies in these developed nations or want to immigrate there, then they must be proficient in English communication.

Importance of good spoken English:

In today’s society English speaking has become a synonym of literacy. From home makers and students to engineers, doctors and scientists everyone must speak good English to get the deserved social status and respect. Being able to read and write English is of no good if we are unable to speak English with expertise. Numerous researches and studies have proven that substandard English speaking skills not only hamper academic and professional development but also cause problems like lack of confidence, low self esteem and depression.

Spoken English training at Touchstone

Touchstone Educationals provides English speaking classes of high international repute. Touchstone Educationals provides a platform where students understand the techniques required to speak good English. At Touchstone appropriate modern technology has been incorporated with effective traditional methods to facilitate excellent spoken English learning sessions

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