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Build up your ability to think in english Chandigarh Touchstone Educationals

Build up your Ability to Think in English – Expert Tips

Translating your very own language into English is useful up to a point. Yet, to really learn English,   you should think in English. But here arises a major problem – how to think in English?

 The Advantages of Thinking in the Language You Want to Learn

We can focus better on the task of learning a language if our mind is not diverted by the task of forming thoughts in one language, and then trying to translate those thoughts again in another language.

If you can think in English, you will not simply talk and write more properly, you will additionally have the capacity to hear and read English clearly as well.

How Might You Think in English?

There are various approaches on how to think in English. Here are a couple of them that have worked well for students till now.

Talk in your native language while thinking in English:

Think about a sentence in your native language at this moment. Now, think about that sentence in English while saying it in your native language.

Continue doing this as you compose and talk in your native language. What you are doing is ‘flipping the content’. So, you will utilise English to think of words in your native language, rather than translating your native language into English.

Make up a story in English:

You are truly thinking in a language when you can imagine things in that language. Look at what is happening around you and try to think all of this in English.

Begin little, and go greater: Begin with small. Begin at the word level. Look at a rundown of words – in your first language – and think about those words in English. After that, begin thinking of short sentences in English. Then, think longer sentences, and so on.

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