How to get Canada PR with Touchstone?

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How to get Canada PR with Touchstone

How to get Canada PR with Touchstone?


Canada PR process

Canada is becoming the most popular place for everyone who wants to study or work abroad and lead a good life. Indians are mostly attracted to this opportunity. What if we provide you the best consultancy to apply for PR in Canada? Follow the below criteria and steps to avail this opportunity

Canada is helping immigrants with easy access to get PR benefits. The major aspects that attract people to grab this opportunity are a great lifestyle, safe and sound surroundings, and job opportunities. Don’t miss the end content which will let you know about highly paid jobs.

Are you conscious of Canadian Citizenship now? Kudos, apply for Canadian Citizenship after 3 years of being a PR. 


Types of Program related to Canada PR process


Many programs will help an immigrant getting PR in Canada. IRCC offers these Programs in Canada. 


Canada PR express entry: It is a point-based program where skilled people are asked to submit their EOI profiles. Based on several criteria, points are counted. If they reach the point limit, they can easily get the PR. There are three other categories included in this program. According to the points, a foreigner is categorized. 


Provincial Nominee Program: This program is appropriate for people who are keen to reside in a particular place in Canada. A province in Canada collaborates with IRCC or the federal government to approve the Canada PR application.


Investor/Entrepreneur Program: Nowadays, from small-scale businesses to huge brands, every entrepreneur is trying to expand the business worldwide. This program is for all the business holders who want to start their business in Canada


Self-employed Program: Experienced and skilled foreigners are always invited. Anyone who is experienced in the field of job they want can process their own application and go ahead. Canada’s ease of application is helpful for all self-employed personalities.

Family class immigration: When a whole family is ready to fly abroad, sponsorship is the best option. Once any member of a family reaches Canada, he or she can easily sponsor the family members. If you want to know any condition to be considered, an eligibility check might come into play. 


Important benefits of PR in Canada


Good Lifestyle: Canada has a broad variety of opportunities. If you want to study there, you will get the best universities where experienced professors will be responsible for your skill development. Canada has a vast land where huge brands have landed up. Finding a good job is going to be super easy. When a place is surrounded by like-minded people, the betterment of lifestyle is obvious. 


Canadian Citizenship: People crave a guaranteed secure life. All those lucky charms who have got their PR done can apply for Canadian Citizenship after 3 years. This will again broaden the opportunities list for immigrants.


Sponsorship benefits: If one of your family members is moving to Canada, other members can also pack their bags and hope to land there soon. It’s the easiest process that Canada has been providing to the immigrants. 


Citizenship Benefits: Even if you are not a citizen in Canada, you can still get all the benefits that a citizen gets. Canada is responsible for everyone who is residing ins Canada. So, benefits like free school, free health facilities, and other social advantages can be received by a PR in Canada. This is one of the best initiatives by Canada to attract the population. 


Benefits that are not included for Canada’s PR

A person is getting so many benefits from being a PR in Canada. But, there should be some benefits that will differentiate a PR and a Citizen of Canada. The first benefit is voting in elections. Running an office that is related to political opinion is also not allowed. A job with security is important for everyone because one can’t really plan to go back to basics. But, being a PR, high-security 

clearance in jobs might lack behind. 


Responsibilities of a PR

If you are moving to a new country, you have to be responsible according to their rules and regulations. Similarly, Canada is very strict about the PR card. If you are a PR and you are not carrying it while traveling anywhere in Canadian cities, you might not be able to reach your destination. If you want to travel back to India, you have to ensure that the card is valid. Every card has a validity date. Don’t forget to check it when you travel.


Renewal of PR

If you have availed the opportunity to be a PR in Canada, you need to make sure that you at least spend 730 days in 5 years. If you want to renew your PR visa, a living record is significant. Losing a PR status is flexible if your PR visa gets expired or you plan to surrender your visa. The only good thing related to losing a PR status is winning citizenship. 


Occupations that will help you earn more

IT employees are going to earn more. In this digital era, every brand is considering new technologies. If you are a skilled IT professional, you have a long way to go. A crisis like COVID, floods, and other diseases needs a healthcare professional. People who are into medicines and healthcare can also grab great opportunities. Some other occupations are teaching, web designers, agriculture professionals, retail and wholesale jobs. 


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