Tips for IELTS Preparation Touchstone Educationals


Tried and tested tips for getting ready for all the four modules of the IELTS exam.

Listening module

  • Practice as much as possible. Touchstone provides rigorous practice to its students.
  • Utilize the time wisely by reading the questions in advance.
  • There are natural pauses in the audio, just like we pause while talking to someone in our day to day life. This time can be used to peruse the following arrangement of questions.
  • Try to predict the appropriate responses.
  • While listening to the audio, focus on signpost words and phrases, like, in any case, in spite of the fact that, connecting words, at long last and so forth.
  • The answers are most likely in a particular arrangement; in this manner these signpost words can lead to the next question, if you miss any answer stay calm and proceed.
  • Be cautious of singular and plural answers.
  • Write the appropriate responses on the question booklet while listening to the audio. Answers can be composed in short hand and the spellings can be checked later when you get time to transfer your responses to the answer sheet.
  • The audio will be played just once so ensure you listen and compose the answers simultaneously.
  • Don’t leave any question unanswered; there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
  • Listen to BBC news or CNN news to build up a superior understanding of the accent.

Writing module

  • Begin with task 2 as it has more weightage than task1.
  • Give 40 minutes to task 2 and 20 minutes to task1.
  • Keep 5 minutes each to plan both the tasks.
  • Don’t use casual language and short forms.
  • Do not compose anything which isn’t connected with the question, as it will lead to deduction of bands.
  • Write at least 150 words for task 1 and 250 words for task 2.
  • Organize and present the thoughts in a consistent way utilizing an extensive variety of vocabulary, avoid repeating words.
  • Thoughts should be expressed clearly.
  • Keep adequate time to proof read both the tasks.

Speaking module

  • Be natural and avoid giving memorized answers.
  • Do not give single word answer; support your answer with a few subtle elements.
  • Listen to the inquiry deliberately and give pertinent answers.
  • Going off-point could mean that you didn’t comprehend the question.
  • Do not set aside too much time to think, be brisk and responsive.
  • Give clear answers.
  • Make utilization of annotations, phrasal verbs and collocations to add more intensity to what you say.
  • There is no fixed response to a question, ensure you can exhibit your assessment and support it.

Reading module

  • Before reading the comprehension texts read all the instructions carefully and scan through the questions, if you get stuck on a question move to the next question, don’t spend a lot of time on one question.
  • Not over 20 minutes to be spent on one section.
  • Do not read and see each expression of the content, skim and concentrate on the required data.
  • All the responses must be taken out from the content itself so don’t freeze if the topic of the passage isn’t known to you.
  • If you have good knowledge of the subject which the given articles demonstrate, don’t make any assumptions and don’t answer any question based on your knowledge of the subject. Every answer must only be from the given text.
  • Copy similar words from the passage, just change the sentence structure if the appropriate response isn’t fitting in the blank
  • Most of the questions from the question paper are replied in a sequence in the content
  • The troublesome questions are distributed in three sections
  • Write the appropriate responses directly on the answer sheet as no additional time will be given to transfer answers.
  • If you are not sure of the right answer for any question, take a guess, but don’t leave any question unanswered, there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
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