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IELTS Reading Test format and Tips

The Reading test consists of 3 sections with 40 questions. The number of questions in each section varies from 12 to 15. The first section tests the basic English comprehension ability. The second section focuses on the work context and the complexity level of the language used is higher than section 1. The third section is considered to be the most complicated out of the three sections, and has a complex structure of text.

Question types mostly used are:

  • Multiple choice questions.
  • True/False/Not Given or Yes/No/Not Given.
  • Matching headings or features with paragraphs.
  • Fill in the blanks or Short answer questions which can be answered in up to 4 words.
  • Completing flow charts, forms, summaries, sentences, notes, or tables.

Important tips:

  • Try completing each section in 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Take a minute to look at the questions to see what information is needed.
  • Read the passage as fast as possible.
  • Spend the next 12 to 13 minutes in reading the passage in detail and answering questions.
  • Don’t answer any question based on assumptions or your personal knowledge about the topic. Your answers should be based only on the information given in the passage
  • If you get stuck on a question, and it is taking too long to answer, then move on to the next question.
  • Use the last 3 to 5 minutes to transfer your answers, and to answer the questions which you may have left.
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