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Canada offers a high standard of living, quality education, and good career growth with good job prospects for potential migrants. The country offers many job opportunities to international students on and off campus. In fact, there is a perfect balance between work and life. In addition to this, the remuneration offered is excellent.

Off campus work

All foreign students must meet all the official requirements to work during the duration of their course. In addition to this, you must be able to prove your identity as a full time student at a publicly funded institution or a private institute authorised by provincial statute to confer degrees.

On campus work

You can work on campus from the university/college in which you are studying. Under this, you are allowed to work based on pre determined eligibility conditions. You are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during your studies and full time during the vacations.

Internship programs

While studying in Canada, there are many courses which require you to work. You will be given the degree of that course only after showing the relevant work experience certificate, either off campus or on campus.

Work after study

You also get an opportunity to work in Canada after completing your study program. You must apply for a work permit to be eligible to work after successfully completing your studies.

Even when you work while studying in Canada, you earn enough money to finance your daily expenses. So if you are applying to study in Canada, the country is a good place to attain quality education and work experience.

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