Things to consider when you are learning to speak English

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Things to consider when you are learning to speak English

The global acceptance of English has made it crucial for everyone to understand and speak it. The ever increasing demand and importance of the language has resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of English language learners and teachers/ training institutes around the world.

Understanding and learning any language is not an easy task for a non native user of that language and same is the case with English.

Here, are some important points that will help you in learning to speak and understand English.

 Don’t be afraid of committing mistakes

When you are trying to speak do not be afraid of going wrong. It is natural for human beings to make mistakes while learning or doing anything. The only way to avoid committing mistakes is by practicing the right ways till you attain expertise. You may feel bad for making mistakes, but keep trying and don’t give up. Mistakes will only help you improve and perform better the next time.

Never be shy or apprehensive of speaking to others

The only way to speak fluent English is speaking it regularly. You will get better only if you speak more English each day. It does not matter if you use less vocabulary, or if your pronunciation is not perfect. You can only get it right by trying and speaking regularly. So, avoid the shame and get going.

Don’t compare yourself to others

It is important to know that each human being has different learning abilities and skills to perform differently in various aspects of life. So, you should avoid comparing yourself to others. Be satisfied with who you are and try to improve constantly. The only comparisons that you should make must be between your previous and current abilities/confidence levels.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself

Sometimes when you talk to someone who speaks English fluently may make you feel sorry about your English abilities, tell yourself that you are in the process of learning and sooner or later you are bound to improve.

Take care of these points during the process of learning. The only thing you need to remember is that it is self motivation and regular practice that has the power to get you anywhere in life.

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