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PTE is one of the most important proficiency tests in English, taken by candidates seeking admission in universities across the world. The test score of PTE is accepted by prominent universities, like, Yale, Harvard etc.

In order to successfully perform in the test, you need to have the right English level. In addition to correct English, the aspirants also need to know the strategies for answering the questions accurately.

Here are various preparation tips for different sections of PTE:

Preparation tips for the Speaking section

  • Without worrying much about time, you are required to answer the questions by clicking on Next. The time in this section will be controlled by the computer itself.
  • You are required to speak at a good volume and pace. Avoid speaking too softly or quickly.
  • Do not waste any time correcting yourself if you make a mistake.


Preparation tips for the Writing section

In this section, the candidates will be required to summarize the written text, and write an essay.

  • You should provide an answer for summarizing the written text in one sentence of 5-75 words.
  • The essay should be between 200-300 words.
  • Remember to maintain the word limit.

Preparation tips for the Reading section

  • Make sure to properly utilise the required time in each section, as you will be provided with only 32-41 minutes for completing this task.
  • Pay attention while attempting the multiple choice questions. They may look easy but are actually quite challenging.

Preparation tips for the Listening section

  • Attempt your answers on the screen as you go along, because you will not get the chance to revisit any question.
  • Do not end up spending too much time on any particular task at the expense of the others.

These tips can help you a lot in your PTE Test, provided you invest as much time as you can in practising the test.

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