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Roadblocks to success in PTE exam

Roadblocks to success in PTE Exam

But first, what’s PTE?

The Pearson Test of English is an internationally acclaimed English Language proficiency test, essential to start your global career. This top tier test is trusted by over 3000 colleges and universities, opening a multitude of career opportunities for every candidate. The two hour computer based program is known for faster results, lesser stress and better test experience.

Challenges in achieving the required score

Time Management

Did it ever cross your mind as to why every test has a time constraint? It sometimes gets intimidating to know all the answers but to run out of time. Well, learning is a continuous process and the time limit during tests determines the efficiency of the learned skills as applied by the exam taker. It establishes certain level of proficiency of the person. In simple words, time is set to measure practical efficiency.

In PTE, anyone who can answer questions with agility can score well in the exam. It is because they are prompt and can respond within the stipulated time. To look at the broader aspect, it helps in quick decision making, reflects ones organizing abilities and prevents stretching the test for impractical lengths of time.

But there is no point in wasting time and stressing over it. Touchstone offers PTE tutorials, designed like the original test. We help provide you a real test like experience and a complete solution to bag the highest possible score.

Bagging the highest score

It is usually presumed unattainable to obtain good results in language tests. The truth is that with the right preparation technique, regular practice and smart tips from Touchstone’s experts, obtaining your desired PTE score is no longer a distant dream.

Revision in last few days

The remaining few days before the actual exam day are absolutely crucial for a better score. A balance between learning & revision sessions, alongside a well maintained sleep schedule and stress free lifestyle, is required for dream result. With balanced learning and interactive training sessions @ Touchstone, we ensure no doubts of our candidates remain unsolved.

Bagging the desired score is no child’s play. This scary and intimidating experience does not have to be an impossible challenge. Follow Touchstone’s tips & tricks that are not only effective, but also ease the otherwise stressful situation for your nerves. We, at Touchstone, understand precisely about the needs of every candidate and offer details on marking system, test format, topics to prepare, question types, exam instructions and every other detail the applicant needs to know. In your last days of preparation, you need to know where you stand precisely. Taking our PTE Mock Tests and getting them evaluated will help you get our experts’ opinions. Our experienced team helps you understand the need of the hour and thereby provides detailed assessment & genuine feedback for further improvements. Our mock tests help you gauge your performance before the actual test.

Why Touchstone for PTE?

Touchstone Educationals is the gateway to your dream country. With 23+ years of expertise and a global reputation, we have now successfully established ourselves as the industry leaders. Our holistic and student centric approach has enabled us to deliver excellent results. With your belief in us, our extensive network of more than 1250 approachable experts now spreads across 40+ cities in India, Canada & France.

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