Why Students Prefer Studying in Australia?

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Why Students Prefer Studying in Australia?

Australia is a growing study destination in the world, and the most popular place to study for international students in the English-speaking world, after USA and UK. It has the third highest number of foreign students in the world currently studying at its universities. Indian students are the second largest group of foreign students in Australia, after China: one out of each three students in Australian universities is from India. Australia’s proximity to Asia makes it popular with Asian students. Australia has a strong economy, and offers advancement and numerous opportunities. Here are a number of reasons for its popularity:

Globally Recognised

Academic qualifications from Australia are acknowledged and respected the world over. Job seekers with Australian qualifications are much sought after by employers. More career opportunities are available for people with degrees from Australia.


Quality: Australia offers top quality education in its world class institutions. Seven of its universities appear on the list of the top 100 universities in the world. It offers excellent study programmes for foreign students.

Scholarships: A number of scholarships are offered in all subjects/fields, by universities and the Australian government, to students wanting to pursue higher education in Australia.

Range: A wide range of courses and a variety of degrees are available in the educational institutions of Australia. Students have little difficulty in finding the right type of education they are seeking – academic, vocational, training, etc.

Research: Australian academic institutions have a strong research-oriented base. A lot of world-class science and technology research is done in Australia, and international students looking to do quality research work, can take advantage of its research and technology resources.

Financially viable

– Considering the quality of its education, the costs of education and living expenses in Australia are much lower than those of USA and UK.

– Foreign students can work while they study, and this can assist with their expenses.

– The available scholarship opportunities can go a long way in lowering the costs of studying.

Quality of Life

– Australia has a high standard of living, with cities that are easy to live in.

– It is safe and peaceful, with a relaxed atmosphere. The citizens are friendly and warm.

– It is a multicultural country, with citizens from all over the world living in a harmony.

– There is clean air and less pollution, and one is always close to nature.

Work Opportunities

Due to Australia’s excellent reputation in the field of education, qualified people from Australia are in high demand globally. Work opportunities in Australia abound due to its strong and stable economy. Foreign students qualifying from Australian institutions can temporarily work in the country. A longer work visa/residency can be obtained, depending on the type and level of qualifications, as well as, market demand.

Touchstone can help you to make the right choice with regard to institutions and courses. We can clear your doubts and point you in the right direction. You will get to know about the various study programmes and be able to choose sensibly. Our counsellors and visa specialists are at hand to assist you at every step.

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