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Germany as a Country

Germany is the land of pristine landscapes & fairy tale castles. Despite being a compact country, it boasts of a large amount of cultural, historical & natural attractions. From the windswept natural coast to the majestic Alps in the South, Germany’s natural scenery is spectacular. With Euro being their currency and German being their language, moving to Germany means landing in one of the most organized and progressive countries in the world.

Germany attracts tourists, students & job seekers from all over the world because of its tremendous job opportunities, incredible culture & quality lifestyle. As a vibrant country with innovative & energetic people, the German economy is one of the largest in the world. If you enjoy hiking in pristine forests on a cool day or perhaps appreciate emerald green landscapes, you’ll find Germany’s cooler, and sometimes wet, climate a compatible fit for you.

Germany is a higher education paradise. Recently it has become a magnet for international students from all over the world. With valued degrees, rising employment and countless courses, Germany has a lot in store for all.

World’s best universities

Some of the German universities enjoy a worldwide reputation due to their recognized teaching methodologies and research excellence. These universities are valued for their quality education, academic improvements, friendly environment & expert faculty.

Innumerable study programs

The answer to “what’s best suited for you?” is as varied as individuals themselves. The vivid study programs in Germany allow you to pursue your specific interests with many undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Lower tuition fees

Higher education in Germany is mostly funded by the state. At the time when higher education has become a necessity, Germany is the only top-tier study destination where universities charge no tuition fees. Now you can study in world class institutions at minimal prices.

Affordable living

An international student does not need a huge bank balance to meet the necessary living expenses in Germany. You can work 120 full days or 240 half days per year. There are many part time jobs available for you to make some extra pocket money.

Safety & security

Germany was declared as the 22nd most peaceful country in the world in 2019 by Global Peace Index. Except for the clubs, you will find Germans embracing silence alongside low corruption. The serene city environment makes life easier in Germany.

Future prospects

Degrees from German universities are of special significance and increase your chances of employment in the global job market. Your professional credits are trusted because of the outstanding education quality in Germany. Irrespective of your academic field & choice of country to work in, Germany makes you eligible for high paid, perfect jobs.

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