Is Your TOEFL Score Getting Old?

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Is your TOEFL Score Getting Old? Touchstone Educationals

Is Your TOEFL Score Getting Old?

If in any case, you feel that your TOEFL score is getting old then you may end up wondering when did this happen. Here are some important points from TouchStone professionals to make you aware of the expiry of your TOEFL score.

When does your TOEFL Score get old?

As per the official ETS(Educational Testing Service) rules, your TOEFL score will expire after 2 years. Most of the universities follow this ETS rule and will definitely want to see your new TOEFL score.

There are very few universities that make their own rules regarding the expiry of the TOEFL Score. For instance, some universities accept the TOEFL score that is three years old. Cross check the TOEFL expiry rules of your university prior to applying for admission based on TOEFL score.

You may still have a question as to why does the TOEFL score expire?

Most of the times, a person gets frustrated about the expiry of TOEFL score. If someone is scoring well on TOEFL exam, it might be really upsetting for him to find that his/her TOEFL score has expired. However, there is always a logical reason behind such rules.

As time passes, your ability in the second language might change. More chances are that you will enhance your skills with the passing time. Also, it can make you go-out-of practice, thus resulting in degradation of your English language skills. But retaking the TOEFL exam can help you reassess your abilities and get used to communicating in English before getting admission.

Is it only TOEFL score that expires?

No, not only TOEFL but IELT score also expires. Like TOEFL, IELTS score is also valid for 2 years.

Suppose you have applied in some college/university, and your TOEFL score has expired, what would you do in that case?

This is very tricky. You are ok if your TOEFL score doesn’t expire on your first day of class. There are many schools that won’t accept a TOEFL score that expires before finishing your first semester.

Now what to do if the TOEFL score expires before the deadline of your application form?

In such case, you will need to retake the TOEFL exam before applying. But if there is a month remaining for the expiry of your TOEFL score, you can inquire about the acceptance of your TOEFL score.

At last, what you need to do if your TOEFL score expires after the deadline of your application form but before your joining day in the college/university? Some colleges/universities will be ok with this but there are a lot of colleges/universities that don’t accept this borderline situation. If your score gets entangled between the deadline of the application form and the joining day in college/university, it    is advisable to reconfirm with the concerned authority as soon as possible.

With the help of TouchStone, you can get each and every detail of the test you are willing to take. So join TouchStone today and enlighten yourself with the best tips and tricks to crack the TOEFL exam.

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