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IELTS writing task 2 includes exposition writing for both Academic module and General Training modules. The paper question statement contrasts for both the modules, yet the subjects for the expositions are similar. The essay topic can be on any irregular theme.

The tone of the papers differs. There can be some articles which may request an assessment about an announcement that whether you bolster it or can’t help contradicting it. For example, remote guests ought to be charged more than local people for going to exhibition halls and other chronicled attractions. Do you concur or oppose this idea?

At that point, there can be topics about favorable circumstances or inconveniences of any broad subject. For instance, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living and working abroad.

Inquiries can be drafted in a way where issues and causes, or arrangements of a specific theme are inquired. Other than these, there can be some illustrative inquiries where general inquiries are requested which have been demonstrated in the exposition. For example, express your opinion on the importance of music.

As there is no fixed syllabus for IELTS, so a student should endeavor to rehearse the maximum number of inquiries on various themes. In the event that the method for executing the paper is clear to the student, at that point he won’t think that it is hard to compose a 250 words article in 40 minutes.

Some examples of subjects for writing task 2 are training, innovation, environmental and economic conditions, sports, business, government and crime and so on appear to be a well-known decision among the analysts setting up the question paper.

All of the above topics analyzed by Touchstone professionals will surely help you prepare well for your IELTS writing section along with reading, listening and speaking.

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