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Mr. Ashutosh Anand

The visionary leader with a passion for excellence.

Mr. Ashutosh Anand [Founder Touchstone]

Highly enlivened by the concept of humility, Mr. Ashutosh Anand offers a lavish platform to potential candidates to adapt to the global education sector. He capitalized on his excellence with the inception of his own institution in 1998, combined his decades of success and experience and turned it into an internationally recognized center of distinction.

Ms. Maya Anand [Co-Founder Touchstone]

The serial entrepreneur, responsible for win-win partnerships and the emblem institution Touchstone – Ms. Maya Anand! Throughout her career she has been triumphant by digging into pain points, finding issues and fixing them. Being a strict disciplinarian herself, her tireless dedication and devotion created the longevity institution today that focuses on helping young minds become numero uno with her Midas touch.

Ms. Ashima Gupta [Head - Higher Education & Partnership]

With 12 years of experience, Ms. Ashima has helped over 5000 students achieve their dream of international education. She believes in the uniqueness every child brings along and ensures their enrolment into programs that best suit their long-term career goals. Today, she is leading a passionate team of dedicated visa professionals and enjoys mentoring, empowering and inspiring students. She is a highly motivated person with a can-do attitude who enjoys networking and establishing partnerships. She
has an enthusiastic mind full of ideas and contracts for the successful endeavors of Touchstone. Her process-driven approach creates a systematic outreach to ensure the future path of every student is perfectly aligned with their personal and academic profiles. She is growth-oriented for Touchstone and is capable of making the most of every opportunity.

Ms. Savita Chhabra [Intl. Liasoning Officer]

Ms. Savita Chhabra is well versed in the educational ecosystem and today, she undertakes a range of approaches to raise awareness and introduce a global view to all our student-friendly programs. With an in-depth understanding of our goals and clearly articulated strategies, she implements the best training systems and other policies to represent Touchstone internationally and make us the #1 institute in the industry. With her successful track record of 10+ years, combined with industry expertise and networking, she apprehends, supports and safeguards our objectives while strengthening our global connections.

Ms. Anjana Jain [Manager - Operations]

Thinks strategically, lives analytically – Ms. Anjana Jain! She is the operations Manager at Touchstone who ensures every operation is carried out in an appropriate and cost-effective way. With proven expertise in her field, she frames the best practices, policies and procedures for all our processes to remain legally compliant. She is in charge of providing inspired leadership for the main lines of business — Touchstone’s policies and strategic decisions, developing, implementing and reviewing operational procedures and supporting worker communication with the management team. With her outstanding leadership abilities and friendly nature, she enjoys coming to the office daily to help fellow Touchstonians with their projects.

Ms. Rajveer Walia [Head - Student Support Dept.]

Ms. Rajveer Walia facilitates a seamless student journey with her efficient support service & works flexibly depending on what our students need. She works closely with our trainers to ensure that all teaching administration is undertaken within the guidelines necessary to acquire the highest standard of administration provision. She personally manages and oversees exceptional queries and ensures only high-quality responses for our students. Her expertise includes coordinating programs that help our students in the successful completion of their courses and out-of-class experiences.

Mr. Rakesh Prashar [Manager - Finance]

Mr. Rakesh Prashar is the financial powerhouse of Touchstone. With an exemplary professional career, he manages money and ensures company profitability. He, along with his efficient team, is responsible for the overall financial health of the company. He has a continually evolving outlook and uses his insights to make relevant financial recommendations to the management. Mr. Rakesh uses his financial expertise to analyse
investment data and ensures that every financial transaction adheres to company policies and legal regulations. He shares the company’s commitment to understand and guide internal financial decisions.

Mr. Gaurav Deolus [Infra & Logistics Head]

Mr. Gaurav Deolus facilitates cross-border trade flows of Touchstone and assembles separate players in the logistical chain with his conventional yet modern wisdom. He looks after our high-profile products, estimates implementation works and ensures all our programs are adequately resourced. He is a self-motivated individual who is responsible for inbound/outbound shipments and offers leadership to the warehouse team to keep transportation costs as low as possible. He works well in a fast-paced environment and earnestly prioritizes tasks to maintain an accurate inventory and meet expected shipping dates.

Mr. Saveen Royal [Area Manager, Sales]

Mr. Saveen Royal executes performance goals by identifying strengths and development opportunities at Touchstone. With hands-on support from branch managers, he develops fruitful business strategies to ensure long-term success while optimizing and overseeing operations to ensure efficiency. With a strategic mindset and excellent planning techniques, he is skilled at managing diverse operations from a distance. Mr. Saveen leads a team of regional managers towards effective collaboration and attainment of goals while further ensuring compliance with the company’s policies and operational guidelines. He also helps us with the performance evaluation metrics and principles with his proven experience and sound understanding of optimization.

Ms. Ivneet Malhi [Manager, R & D]

Ms. Ivneet Malhi is highly passionate about student-focused innovation and brings us success with her high level of attention to detail. She undergoes and develops research programs to oversee each and every aspect of our programs and requirements. Her exceptional abilities to plan, implement and research innovative study material help our students achieve their desired scores and prove their English proficiency. Based on her strong thinking and reasoning abilities, she consistently incorporates modern developments to meet ever-changing needs in the global market.

Ms. Varsha Sharma [Manager - Human Resource]

Ms. Varsha Sharma is the go-to person of Touchstone Educationals for all employee-related issues. She leads and directs the routine functions of the HR department like administering pay, benefits and leaves while enforcing company policies and practices. She partners with the leadership team to execute talent strategies for the company. Her unique methods of promoting corporate values and shaping positive culture are her stand-out talents, making her a vital asset. She ensures we have a happy and productive environment where everyone works to realize the established mission and objectives. She has remarkable strategies to develop, motivate, engage and preserve the human capital of Touchstone to support our current and future business needs.

Mr. Deepak Prashar [Manager Sales]

Mr. Deepak Prashar is the engine that drives the global reach of Touchstone Educationals. He keeps this engine running with his unparalleled sales skills and deep experience with the entire sales process, lead generation and relationship building. He has a sharp mind and a successful track record with strong negotiating skills. His comprehensive knowledge of company offerings helps represent the company effectively among domestic and foreign delegates. Touchstone achieves growth and hits sales targets with the strategic plans as designed and implemented by him to expand the company’s base and ensure its strong presence. He is our high-performing manager who helps us meet our customer acquisition & revenue growth targets by keeping Touchstone competitive and innovative.

Ms. Ravjot Kaur [Manager, Learning and Development]

Ms. Ravjot Kaur shares her wealth of knowledge in experimental study material and is responsible for all the research, development and innovation efforts. She is responsible for planning and implementing new study programs and protocols in Touchstone. She uses her creative abilities and unique methods to improve our existing products based on industry trends and develop new products to meet the needs of our target market.

Ms. Shikha Sharma [Academics Head]

The woman managing the successful delivery of teaching support to students while implementing & monitoring timetables is Ms. Shikha Sharma. She ensures each student of Touchstone is adequately supported to complete their educational journey and has a fulfilling student experience. With her exceptional expertise in the educational industry, she introduces innovative approaches to improve students’ experiences and implements integrated support mechanisms to identify and engage with students at risk of underperformance. Ms. Shikha manages the learning orientation to manage their progress with a focus on product development and impact investigations.

Ms. Harkamal Kaur [Area Manager]

Ms. Harkamal Kaur has at-par administrative skills and is responsible for staffing, profits and performance of the designated areas. She is responsible for leading and managing our daily operations to achieve business goals and maximize profitability. She is a top-notch manager who sets performance objectives and prepares operational reports while ensuring regulatory and company standards of Touchstone are upheld. Within years, she has demonstrated excellent decision-making skills while leading and managing people in the best possible manner to achieve revenue targets and ensure the smooth running of operations. Ms. Harkamal has consistently proven her efficiency while upholding company standards of excellence and service and guaranteed quality performance every time.

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