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Boost your PTE Score with advice from the experts

PTE assessment system

PTE has a very distinctive way of assessing English proficiency. PTE uses scoring software to evaluate and score a candidate’s performance. The PTE evaluation system leaves no scope of human interference in scoring so there is no scope of getting any advantage or disadvantage of the examiners emotional state at the time of scoring.

Tips for doing well in PTE

The only way to do well in PTE is relentless practice at a premier PTE training centre like Touchstone which helps you to make full use of your strengths and also works on eliminating your weaknesses. But there is no other PTE training centre which can match the PTE training methodology used at Touchstone

The speaking section of PTE majorly evaluates fluency and pronunciation

It is recommended not to concentrate on the content during the PTE speaking test because concentrating on the speaking content hampers focus on appropriate pronunciation, syllable stress and fluency. Don’t worry about time in the speaking section because the computer will control the time which you spend on each task all you have to do is click on next. Your entire concentration should be on fluency and pronunciation. Speak at a good volume without stammering and maintain a normal rate of speech. Candidates tend to speak too fast and miss words due to nervousness.

PTE evaluation software measures oral fluency through speech flow. It also scores candidates as per articulation and clarity of speech.

You can score well in PTE without going deep into the theory of grammar but you will need to listen repeatedly to a lot of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs from very good orators.

PTE evaluation software is designed to give high scores to candidates who have a listener friendly language.

Become familiar with the pattern of the test and practice in Examination like environment available at Touchstone.

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