Dear mom & dad, I’m studying abroad

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Dear mom & dad, I’m studying abroad

If you’ve finally decided to study abroad, you are already enough jazzed about it. In fact, we are sure you have started preparing for your new life across the ocean by sipping on your favorite coffee and imagining life by the lake.


But amidst all this what if your parents don’t agree to send you this far? What if they have some other plans? Well, worry not! We are here with 5 simple ways to convince your parents to let you study abroad.


  1. Stress on the academic advantages


Studying abroad introduces you to new teaching styles, better facilities and new languages. Thus, the key aspect to cover in front of your parents should be the quality of academic programs abroad. Point out to them that foreign universities offer a lot better than universities in your home country in helping you with better academic results.


  1. Emphasise the career benefits


There are immense career opportunities that you can boast of in front of your parents. This will give you an edge over others when it comes to your career, as tangible skills are taken into account by potential employers. Such professional prospects are most likely to convert their ‘nos’ into ‘yeses’.


  1. Convey your seriousness


Introducing the idea of studying abroad early and proving your willingness to work hard may have a positive effect on your parents’ decision. We help you gather necessary information regarding prospective locations & universities based on your academic goals. This will help convince your parents that you are responsible enough to execute such life decisions.


  1. Work out a financial plan


The usual concern of parents is majorly about the affordability of your study-abroad program. Look into the financial aids available with your shortlisted institutions as a major part of your tuition fees and living expenses are covered by scholarships. Education loans are worth a shot as they enable you to pay off the loan after completing the program. This establishes your reputation as someone with a broader vision who doesn’t simply want to be a free rider.


  1. Put your parents’ safety concerns to rest


The key-counter argument your parents might put up is about your safety. Assure your parents that life abroad is not all partying. Make your seriousness known about achieving academic excellence and taking control of your life. Ensure thorough research regarding your destination, health insurance & study abroad emergency contingency plan.


Remember, there is nothing you cannot achieve if you set your mind to it. No matter whatever means you choose, don’t forget to have a positive mindset and give your parents the credit they deserve. With all the right arguments at the right time, they’ll understand that it is your moment to leave the nest to build an exciting career.

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