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English and Society

In today’s society good English communication has become a source of respect. A person with good English communication earns a lot of respect and acceptability in social gatherings and society. People who are unable to communicate in good English in their day to day life are often mocked by others. Good command over English has become a necessity and is no longer a matter of choice.

English language has a unique importance and has played a very important role in building today’s globalised society. English has become the language of science and technology. All major books on various subjects are published in English. Considering all these factors the parliament of India has recognised English as an official language in addition to Hindi.

English unites

English is the preferred language of communication among people from different states who don’t understand each other’s regional language. English language continues to play an important role in uniting India and building modern India. Similarly two people from different countries with different native languages talk to each other in English. English has united the world

English opens opportunities

Good command over English opens a lot of working opportunities for us in India and abroad. A high level of proficiency in English earns respect and acceptability in the society and opens a world of opportunities. Today even a sports star whose native language is not English is expected to speak in Good English. Good English is so important that numerous celebrities from sports and entertainment take professional help to improve their English communication.

As compared to any other language of the world English gives us a wider access to knowledge on all subjects.

Touchstone’s English training programs can improve your English so you can explore the sea of opportunities in India and abroad.

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