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Completely automated test

PTE or Pearson Test of English is a computer based test of English reading, listening, writing and speaking. PTE is a completely computer based exam and there is no human involvement in checking and scoring the test.

Exam Format

PTE exam is 3 hours long and is conducted in a single session on a computer in an examination environment. The questions in a PTE exam often test more than one skill at the same time. Listening and reading or reading and speaking may be checked through common questions. The test is divided in 70 to 91 small parts. The result of the exam is available within 5 business days after the exam date.

Versions of PTE

PTE has Academic and general versions.

Academic Version

The academic version of PTE has been designed for students who want to pursue their studies in English speaking countries. Before deciding on PTE Students must confirm the requirements of the foreign university or college where they want to study.

General Version

The general version of PTE is for individuals who want to migrate to an English speaking country. Before deciding to take PTE, aspirants must confirm the requirements of the migration rules and regulations of the target country.

PTE Scoring

PTE scoring is done on a scale of 10 to 90 to measure English Communicative and Enabling skills. Communicative skills include listening, reading, speaking and writing. Enabling skills include grammar, fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and expression of thoughts.
The overall score is based on the performance of the candidate in all categories and sub categories. There is negative marking for wrong answers in reading and listening MCQs.

Choosing the right PTE training institute

It is advisable to choose your PTE training partner cautiously. A PTE training institute must have good labs with computers and latest training content where exam like environment is available. Touchstone’s PTE training infrastructure and content is second to none in India.

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