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English connects the world

English has been the most important contributor in making the world a better place. English is the most spoken language in the world and connects the world. Individuals with different native languages, countries, backgrounds and cultures are able to talk to each other in English. It is almost impossible to imagine the world without English language. Good spoken English is the most important skill required to become successful in today’s globalised society. For a person with very good knowledge of his/her field but bad Good English communication that knowledge is futile. Good English is very important for a successful professional life and a prosperous professional life.

Importance of Good spoken English

It is harder to understand spoken English as compared to written English. The speaker may speak too fast or speak in an accent which is difficult for others to understand. Not being able to speak globally understandable English is as good as not being able to speak English. Today Good English speaking skills have become an important aspect for living a happy and a prosperous life.
It is extremely important to learn the correct pronunciation and speak in a well connected manner. To become a good doctor, one needs to have excellent knowledge of medical science. Similarly to speak Good English in depth knowledge of the language is a necessity. To speak fluent English a person must know the meanings and appropriate pronunciations of anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000 words.

The Touchstone Advantage

These facts may make English speaking sound difficult for a non native speaker of English. But Touchstone Educationals is there to make English speaking easy for you. Touchstone has years of experience in enabling people to fufil their aspirations and providing result oriented training solutions. Touchstone can assist you in taking your English speaking skills to international standards.

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