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UK’s neighbor with a force of steel, Ireland seems like it was created especially for students from all around the globe to come and study in the old, castle-like universities. The Republic of Ireland is perfect for you to study.

But how is it, when you actually look forward to applying for a Master’s degree in the universities in Ireland?
Before we go on, let’s talk understand the basic views of Ireland on education.

The land of Saints and Scholars, Ireland always welcomes people who search for knowledge and guidance. Based on the history of Ireland to accept everyone who wants to study with open arms, the officials of Ireland have outlined a plan between 2016 and 2020 to attract more international students and prepare them for a bright future.
This makes Ireland a perfectly equipped place to offer great knowledge and education to students.

Now, let’s talk about how to apply for admission in an Irish university.

Step 1

Where to apply for a Master’s degree in Ireland?
There are 34 higher educational institutions in Ireland. Out of these 34, 9 universities require you to apply for a Master’s programme on a special, intermediate website, where you have to create an account and follow the mentioned steps.

Some of the 9 universities are:
•University College Cork
•Waterfront Institute of Technology
•Dublin City University
•National University of Ireland, Galway
•Maynooth University

For the remaining 25 universities, you have to visit the website of each university and apply for a Master’s programme.

Step 2

What subjects to apply for?

Ireland does not recommend students to opt for any mother discipline and the reason behind this is that once you get enrolled in any discipline and you want to change your major, you will be required to start a Master’s degree all over again and will not be allowed to switch from one discipline to another.

Step 3
The cost of studying a Master’s degree in Ireland

The application fee to apply to a university in Ireland is 50 EUR. Now let’s take everything in order.
If your application gets accepted, you will be required to pay tuition fee, which can vary depending upon the course/subject you choose, the university you attend, and your status as an EU or non-EU student.
For EU students, the tuition fee will be around the following:
•For medicine and related disciplines: from 3.800 to 21.000 EUR
•For Engineering: from 5.550 to 9.000 EUR;
•For Business: from 6.000 to 30.000 EUR
•For Arts and Humanities: from 4.400 to 9.600 EUR

For non-EU students, the tuition fee will be around the following:

•For Medicine and related disciplines: from 4.000 to 31.000 EUR
•For Engineering: from 9.250 to 24.000 EUR
•For Business: from 9.250 to 34.500 EUR
•For Arts and Humanities: from 9.250 to 22.000 EUR

Step 4

Documents required pursuing Master’s in Ireland
First of all, you need to understand that there is no bypassing the English test. In order to make sure that you have sufficient language skills to continue higher studies in Ireland, you need to have one of these points on your profile:

Your native language is English
Your Bachelor’s was in English
You submit an English proficiency test
Various score/bands requirements to seek admission in a university in Ireland

TOEFL score: 220

IELTS: A total of 6.5 bands with a minimum of 6.0 bands in each module.
Other documents will vary as per the programme/university.

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