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PTE Test Format

PTE : Pearson Test of English PTE is the world’s only computer-based test of English which is accepted as a testimony of  English communication and understanding ability of non native English speakers who want to pursue their studies or migrate to a country where English is the mother tongue.
All colleges, universities and immigration authorities may not accept PTE. It is advisable to check the exact requirements before deciding to take PTE

Questions in PTE often test more than one skill at the same time.  PTE is a completely computer based test with no human involvement in the checking and assessing processes. The result of PTE is available in 5 business days of the exam day.

PTE overall score is a combination of 9 parameters mainly:

  1. Speaking score
  2. Listening score
  3. Reading score
  4. Writing score
  5. Grammar score
  6. Spelling score
  7. Oral Fluency score
  8. Vocabulary score
  9. Written discourse score


PTE Structure Overview
Task Type Skills assessed Number of tasks Total Time Allowed
Personal introduction None (not scored 1 1 minute
Read aloud Reading and speaking 6 or 7 30 to 35 minutes
Repeat sentence Listening and speaking 10 to 12
Describe image Speaking 6 or 7
Re-tell lecture Listening and speaking 3 or 4
Answer short questions Listening and speaking 10 to 12
Summarise written text Reading and writing 2 or 3 50 to 60 minutes
Essay writing Writing 1 or 2
MCQs with one correct option Reading  2 or 3 32 to 41 minutes
MCQs with multiple correct options
Re-order paragraphs
Fill in the blanks 4 or 4
Fill in the blanks Reading and writing 5 or 6
Summarise spoken text text Listening and writing 2 or 3 20 to 30 minutes
MCQs with multiple correct options Listening 23 to 28 minutes
Fill in the blanks Listening and writing
Highlight the correct summary Listening and reading
MCQs with one correct option Listening
Select the missing word Listening
Highlight incorrect words Listening and reading
Write from dictation Listening and writing 3 or 4
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