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Education abroad has become very common in the present era. Everyone wants to attain a degree from a university abroad. Well, simply wishing to study abroad is not enough. The candidate needs to fulfill many requirements that are essential to seek admission in a university abroad. Among all the requirements, the English Language Proficiency Test is the most important. Every candidate is required to show a proof of his/her efficiency in English by talking any of the English Language Proficiency Test. There are 3 major English proficiency tests, namely: IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. Before deciding which test to take, it is very important to confirm which out of the 3 tests does the institution in which the candidate is seeking admission accepts.

Also, only taking the test is not important. It is also imperative to attain the required scores/bands as per the requirement of the chosen institution.

To make things easy for you to understand, we are providing accurate data depicting how scores of IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE translate into each other.

The following tables show score equivalents of all three tests.

PTE scores and IELTS bands

PTE Academic overall Score IELTS Academic Overall Bands
30 4.5
36 5
42 5.5
50 6
58 6.5
65 7
73 7.5
79 8
83 8.5
86 9


PTE and TOEFL scores

PTE Academic overall Score Overall TOEFL Score
38 40 to 44
42 54 to 56
46 65 or 66
50 74 or 75
53 79 or 80
59 87 or 88
64 94
68 99 or 100
72 105
78 113
84 120


TOEFL scores and IELTS Bands

Overall TOEFL score IELTS overall bands
0-31 0-4
32-34 4.5
35-45 5
46-59 5.5
60-78 6
79-93 6.5
94-101 7
102-109 7.5
110-114 8
115-117 8.5




These English language proficiency tests are generally accepted by educational institutions in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA. Though the objective of all three tests is same, but the methods of conducting and evaluating them are distinct.

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