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After giving the IELTS test, you will receive a Test Report Form (TRF) which states your overall band score between 0-9 along with the band score in each of the four modules which are – listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Do you know what these bands mean? Where do you stand if you have a 6 band score? Her we are bringing you the information about what your IELTS band score says about you.

Band 9 – Getting a band 9 means that you have complete control over the English language. It says that your English language skills excel in every field, whether it is grammar, vocabulary or accent. It is appropriate and accurate. So, you are an expert.

Band 8 – This band says that you are really good in English but you may get confused in a few situations and commit silly mistakes. But you are still capable enough of handling 90% of it well.

Band 7 – This band says that you are a good English user but you commit occasional errors in few situations.

Band 6 – You are a competent English user if you get a band 6. But you get confused and make mistakes in unfamiliar situations.

Band 5 – If you get a band 5 score, you are a modest user with partial command over the language. Although you may make many mistakes, you can handle basic communications easily.

Band 4 – Getting band 4 means that you are not comfortable with the complexities of the language. You can use it basically in familiar situations but frequently show the problem in understanding and expression.

Band 3 – This band score states that you are a very limited language user with frequent breakdown in communication. You can only understand and convey information on a few familiar topics.

Band 2 – If you get a band 2, it shows that you have great difficulty in understanding spoken and written English.

Band 1 – This score states that you have no ability to use English language except for a few words.

Band 0 – A band 0 is achieved only if you have not appeared for the test.

So now you clearly know what your bands signify. You can get the band score as a whole e.g.5, 6 or in decimals e.g. 5.5. , 6.5, etc.

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